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Kika Club

Kika Club is one of the best clubs located in the heart of Palermo Soho. With many years of fun for the public, Kika offers two tracks with the most complete diversity of musical styles, ranging from pop, rock, hits of the moment and electronic music.

It has a capacity for 1100 people and has independently distributed spaces

Crobar Club

Located in the heart of Palermo, Crobar offers spaces designed to meet the demands of the market. Crobar stands out for its atmosphere, quality, warm and modern, as for the spaciousness and comfort of its spaces.

Niceto Club

The only space in Buenos Aires night capable of gathering such diverse styles, artists, and audiences. A large variety of local and international artists parade through its stage and booth, while in its two tracks it offers parties with musical orientations that include pop, rock, reggae, hip hop, electronic, tango, soul, funk and more ...

Lost And Found

Inspired by a sense of adventure intertwined with the sweet sadness of fading memories: Lost and Found presents a unique space for your discovery. Located in the heart of King West on the lower level of a hundred-year-old building, space wears the history of another era on her walls. 


We welcome you to take a walk through INK Entertainment's newest 14,000 square-foot entertainment and nightlife venue and become captivated by the sophisticated, state of the art interior design. 

Luxy Nightclub

We are simply the biggest and best nightclub in Toronto and all of Canada for urban music and slammed special events ... follow us @LuxyNightclub and give us a visit or call at www.LuxyClub.ca or 905.761.9761








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